IPOWER Offers RatePoint Management Tools

By: Business Wire on February 24, 2008 @ 10:21 am

IPOWER Offers New Customer Feedback and Online Reputation Management Tools

RatePoint is among the first value-add tools to be integrated into IPOWER hosting plans for 2008

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IPOWER, Inc., a leading provider of online services and hosting, today announced the integration of RatePoint, a comprehensive customer feedback and online reputation management platform, into all of its hosting plans.

RatePoint provides small- and medium-sized business with a method of soliciting customer feedback and posting customer ratings on their Web sites. It is now included in every hosting plan that IPOWER offers and is just the first of many new and innovative solutions IPOWER will be rolling out to its customers in 2008.

“We realize our customers need us to be problem solvers—not just a hosting provider,” explained IPOWER CEO Thomas Gorny. “In response to that, we’re going to be integrating more tools that help customers save time, money and worry. RatePoint is one of the first, and it addresses an issue that plagues many small businesses—consumer trust.

“Many consumers are hesitant to buy online from smaller companies, simply because they don’t recognize the name or have any idea about a company’s reputation. RatePoint provides a platform for providing feedback, generating approval ratings and settling disputes. That kind of unbiased, third-party information gives businesses credibility and consumers peace of mind.”

RatePoint allows businesses to manage their online reputation by easily capturing and publishing consumer reviews and feedback directly from their Web sites through the RatePoint site seal. RatePoint verifies actual consumer ratings for authenticity, and businesses then have an opportunity to respond to feedback and publish those reviews online. In addition, a robust suite of tools, including surveys, coupons, e-mails and other communication and marketing tools, plus a Web-based management interface, make it easy for businesses to connect with customers, increase sales and improve consumer confidence. Yahoo


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